The Revolve Super V

The Revolve Super V enduro is an annual womens race. This is our second year of supporting this awesome event... we'll be back next year without a doubt!

On Saturday we supported our local women's club, Revolve as they held their 9th annual Enduro - The Super V.  This event was a sell out and the weather was perfect for it.  Women aged from less than ten to over fifty participated.  Carolyn, one of our regulars and early supporters raced for the very first time and made some new friends.  She also had her first decent crash at the start of her race run but she was all smiles at the finish line - we are super proud of you Carolyn! 

Women's races are vastly different from the open events.  For one thing the noise level is always several decibels louder and the shuttle vehicles smell better,  but more importantly girls are so supportive of each other.  I saw so many examples of women and girls supporting each other - either picking someone up out of the dirt after a tumble, or encouraging a nervous fellow racer.

We supported this event a year ago - managing to just sneak it in before New Zealand, and the whole world, locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  What a year it has been.

Posted by Bex Houston on March 20, 2021